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Lunar Crabs (2001)

3D Lunar Crabs was originally released by Micromega and written by Mervyn J. Estcourt in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum computer. The game play is simple and challenging - survive for as long as possible while at the same time getting as many points as you can.

This is an old remake and may not work on newer systems. It was released in 2001.

Download Lunar Crabs


Subterranean Stryker (2001)
Subternaean Stryker was originally released by Insight and written by Mike Follin for the ZX Spectrum computer. Your citizens have been captured and forced to work in the alien mine. The enemy power crystal is hidden deep within a subterranean network. Its your mission to rescue them and destroy the crystal in this 'Defender In a Cave' type game.

Download Subterranean Stryker 



Arcadia (2002)
Possibly the first real vertical shooter for the Spectrum, this great little game was the first effort from the then new company Imagine.

Boasting 12 levels of mean aliens in a variety of shapes and sizes, there were several features that made it different from those that followed.

Not only that but the game has been extended with an extra 8 levels to challenge you - that's a total of 20 levels to get through. 

Download Arcadia

Booty (2003)
Booty was originally released by Firebird Software and written by John F Cain in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum computer.

The remake remains faithful to the original, having the same room layouts, platforms and nasties to negotiate. The graphics have been re-drawn, sound effects added and yes, that awful music if still awful!

Download Booty


Scumball (2003)
This game was originally written for the ZX Spectrum in 1988, written by Peter Gough and published by Mastertronic.

The sewer has been overrun by an assortment of terrible nasties, headed by a monstrous green slime creature. You must take LINDA and guide her through the sewers in a top secret mission to destroy the slime.

Download Scumball


Ah Diddums (2004)
Ah Diddums was originally released by Imagine in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum computer.

You control a teddy bear trying to get back to it's nursery through 99 toy boxes (Levels).

Download Ah Diddums



Red Pants (2005)
This game was never officially released because it had some collision issues, particularly around the main character and the scenery. Despite this though, it was probably one of my better PC games.

I found this on an old CD whilst looking for another program I had written, and quickly got into it just to see the levels.

Download Red Pants