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 Baldy (1992)

Baldy was a simple and basic platform game written in 1992 mainly to alleviate the boredom of my mammoth graphic adventure game I was trying to finish. The main character, Baldy, is based on myself (or a friend - I can never remember as we were both bald!), and has to hop around blocks trying to collect Amiga discs.

The game received mediocre reviews but did manage to make it onto the cover disc of Amiga Action and One Amiga magazines. It was written using AMOS and its compiler, and in my mind, once you get the hang of the controls, is a nice little game.


Download Baldy


Amiga Power (Feb 93): 3 stars
The One Amiga: 84%


Talisman (1992)

Talisman has a long history and goes back to 1985 with the creation of a single character for an old Spectrum BASIC adventure game and subsequent attempts at writing a novel. The title of the game/novel changed many times since its first inception but finally was released into the PD market in 1992 as Talisman.

The images used come from a wide variety of places including a cartoon I saw on German satellite, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Lord Of The Rings cartoon, Time Bandits and Eye Of The Beholder plus many more I can’t even remember!


Download Talisman

Read the Talisman Teardown - coming soon


Amiga User International: 9/10
The One Amiga: 86%
Amiga Mart: (didn't use scoring)
Amiga Format: (didn't use scoring)


Video Ease (1993)

Video Ease was written partly to prove you could write and sell a video titling package for less than £200 and partly to allow me to add titles to my own videos without spending that much. Working in a computer shop I was constantly asked for a video titling package but could offer nothing within budget. The shop owner suggested I write one and he would pay the money for boxing and advertising. I set about producing something easy to use that did not require 8mb of Ram, the result was Video Ease v1.

I took the package and advertising photographs, destroying a perfectly good porn video in the process. 

The boxes arrived and we started to advertise in all of the popular magazines. It sold badly, just about covering the costs and in the end my total profit was £15.

Amiga Shopper gave it a full page review and absolutely destroyed it and any potential sales.

I will never let this program see the light of day again!